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       Welcome to InfiniteWorkers
The Innovative Freelancing Platform

  • Micro Jobs are simple and quick tasks that can be done in 5 mins or less! Get paid by global employers.
  • Need people to complete work for you? Post a job with us and make your campaign a success from the start.
  • Want to make some money? Complete microjobs or sell your services on our platform!


  • Promote your business, product or website
    Run a campaign and get people to work for you.
    This is will take your business to the next level.
  • The workers get paid as work is completed
    Choose what each worker will earn for completing jobs.
    Control the budget for your marketing campaign.
  • Require your workers to submit proof
    Micro Jobs require workers to submit proof of work.
    You only pay workers who did well after checking their proof.
  • Choose multiple workers from anywhere
    Hire the best workers from a variety of countries
    Such as those in Europe or the USA.
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  • Select a job, submit proof & get paid instantly
    Complete a micro job & submit proof.
    Get paid via services for the skills you possess..
  • Sell/Exchange your services / products
    Exchange or sell your services to a global audience..
    Order, Deliver, Get Paid, Withdraw funds. It is that simple!
  • Refer family or friends and get paid everyday
    Invite your family or friends to signup and you get paid.
    Lifetime referral bonuses for the work they do.
  • Withdraw funds into Cash 
    Withdraw funds by any method with a low $10 withdraw limit.
    Use the funds from your account to purchase memberships!
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