FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Q: What is InfiniteWorkers all about?
A: InfiniteWorkers was created to connect employers who need work done with workers who are willing to complete tasks. 

Q: Do I need to pay for Registration?
A: Never, registration is completely free!

Q: What are the fees?

A: No Deposit fees.

When creating a new microjobs campaign as an employer the fees are:

$0.50 for campaign approval plus a 5.5% fee for each job marked as satisfied. (As a Standard user)
$0.25 for campaign approval plus a 5.5% fee for each job marked as satisfied. (As a Premium user)
Fees to withdraw funds for users is: 10% (Standard) 8% (Premium)

The Success Rate

Q: What is the success rate?
A: Success rate is important for worker reputation and user experience on this platform. 

You must accept the jobs which you are capable of complete as submitting incorrect proof may result in your work being marked as Not Satisfied and your success rate will be affected. Therefore, you must maintain your success rate above 75% as a user to ensure you can continually do jobs!

Q: I can not do any jobs as it says my success rate is too low?
Should your success rate go below 75% you will not be able to submit tasks or withdraw funds as the success rate is in place to prevent the posting of scams, fake proofs, or low-quality work.

Q: My task has been pending review for almost 1 week?
All tasks pending review that are over 7 days old are automatically rated as satisfied.


Site Memberships

Q: What are the membership levels and benefits? 

Standard member: FREE
Standard members: Will not be charged for any deposit fees and you can apply for up 40 jobs a day

Premium member: $25
Premium members: Apply for up to 200 jobs a day, Instant Withdrawals, 8% withdrawal fee, Cheaper fees to hire workers! You can upgrade here if you like! 


Referral system and other questions

Q: What is your referral system? How can I earn by referring friends? 
A: You can check how our referrals program works here.

Q: I have not logged into my account, will I be suspended?
No, because we know life can take you anywhere and if you are missing we will await your return. 

Q: I have another question, can I contact you?
A: You can submit a ticket from your account, email us from the contact form OR you can email us at: admin@infiniteworkers.co.uk